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The Living Room

By Franky Hughes

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Artist Bio

By Franky Hughes

I am a final year Fine Art Student, working toward a final body of work to takeplace in the virtual exhibition Degree Show on Mars, for Liverpool John Moores Univeristy.

For this exhibition I will be building upon what I exhibited as a collaboration for the practise degree show with my flatmate, who is also on the course. Together we began making our living room and exhibited a table, armchair, oatmilk carton and plant.  As I could not complete my original work planned for the exhibition due to the corona virus. This is why I decided to pursue the living room  project we began as a collaboration.

With the inclusion of objects already made, I plan to orchestrate my entire living room. I want to create an environment that is familiar and reminiscent of the real room. However, I intend for this room to be a ficticious abstraction, with surreal qualities. I will be playing with the scales of different objects, and use this to experiment with perspective too.

My living room has been a safe comfortable place for me long before this covid-19 lockdown. But this certainly has been magnified since being here alone for weeks on end. The context behind this room has evolved past what me and Erin were doing as a collaboration. I want this exhibition to act like stepping into a surreal alternate reality.

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The Living Room, Georgian Quarter, Liverpool